Why Hide Your Piercing

We have been selling body piercing jewellery online for over 12 years and are part of JoBananas Limited. You can be assured that the jewellery we sell is of high quality and suitable for the application described.

Body Piercings and Schools

More and more schools are issuing policies on what piercings can be visible during school time. Some schools may allow pupils to have standard single ear piericngs but want multiple ear piercings removed. They may also have a cover up policy on tongue piercings, facial and nose piercings. The last thing you want to do after having the piercing and looking after it for the healing period is having to remove it and face the possibility of it closing up.

Well now there are options to conceal your piercing while keeping the piercing open.

Body Piercings and The Workplace

Are you worried about showing your piercing whilst at work or concerned about how your piercings will look when going for that next job interview?

We stock a varity of piercing retainers and hiders that can minimise their appearance while in or looking for employment. With everything from a single nose piercing retainer to flesh tone plugs for peoplewith stretched earlobes we have solutions that will help.

Body Piercings and Sport

If you participate in certain active sports you may wish to protect your piercing from damage or irritation whilst playing sports. Our range of retainers and hider jewellery is ideal for wearing during sports as its lightweight and flexible.

Body Piercing & Pregnancy

Our range of PTFE pregnancy retainers and pregnancy belly bars. Keep you piercing throughout your pregnancy with a pregnancy piercing retainer 
Body Piercing Jewellery and Pregnancy
What will happen to my navel piercing during and after pregnancy? During pregnancy the length of the navel piercing will stretch and flatten, but the gauge (or thickness) will not stretch. 
Some women with healed piercings have successfully worn jewellery throughout their pregnancies. In other cases the ridge of the navel expands and flattens so much as to make the jewellery uncomfortable. 
PTFE or Bio compatible jewellery can be more comfortable than metal because it is softer and more flexible. 
After delivery the navel will return to its original shape but the skin may be loose and in some cases the piercing may sag. 
If the piercing is still healing it is unlikely that the piercing can be maintained as the stomach enlarges the pressure could easily cause the piercing to reject. Infection must be avoided as a serious infection could travel to the interior of the abdomen and possibly affect the pregnancy or the baby. In the interest of maintaining good health and reducing risks that could affect your pregnancy, it is very important to wear the correct jewellery and ensure that the piercing is regularly cleaned.
What jewellery do you recommend during my pregnancy? 
Either PTFE or Bio compatible belly bars are suitable. We offer PTFE in lengths up to 30mm and Bio in lengths up to 19mm. 
To sumarise, both materials can be cut to size and attachments can be threaded on to either end (either metal or acrylic), both are flexible, the main difference is that PTFE is totally flexible and Bioplast is preformed into a curve and available in different colours. Both options are equally safe and comfortable 
While your bump is growing you should allow an extra 4mm length to allow for growth and comfort. Your belly bar should not become too tight, if it does you should consider buying a larger length. You can always cut it down afterwards for use after the baby arrives!
Body Piercing During Medical Procedures
From time to time many of us will be required to attend the hospital for routine procedures. Often medical staff will require you to remove all metal jewellery so they don't effect scan or X-ray machines. We sell a range of flexible bio-compatible jewellery that is safe to wear during these times.
Hide Your Piercing Solutions
With these issues in mind we created Hide Your Piercing so all the available jewellery options are easy to find in one place.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to discuss any issues with us either by email or telephone.
Remember we are always here to help.